Vice and virtue ministry to form Dept staffed by Women



The Ministry of Vice and Virtue’s (MoVV) spokesman said that a “women employees” department will be formed to continue activities within the ministry. Spokesman Akif Mahajar said that the department will help to bring reforms.

“The ministry is trying to form a department to bring reforms for women,” he said.

Talking at a press conference of the MoVV’s annual report on the current Afghan situation, Mahajar said that the MoVV has received nearly 2,000 complaints, many of which have been addressed.

Based on the numbers of the MoVV, more than 900 members of the Islamic Emirate have been dismissed for various reasons.

“If a teenager was appointed, we have dismissed him. We have dismissed those who were using drugs. If anyone was shaving their beards, we have dismissed them. We have carried out this process in Kabul and 15 other provinces and will do it in other provinces as well,” said Abdulrahman Munir, military deputy of the MoVV.

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