Islamic Law Faculties started at Universities in 17 provinces



Abdul Baqi Haqqani, minister of higher education, added that the subject of Islamic culture in universities has increased from 18 credits to 24 credits.

“Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Higher Education and acceptance of the leadership, the theme of Islamic culture has been enriched in this section compared to the past.

A strong curriculum has been established for it, and three days a week have been selected for it,” Haqqani said.

“This decision has been taken in accordance with the national and Islamic values of the country’s society,” said Abdurauf Farahi, the Ministry of Higher Education’s director of curriculum.

Meanwhile, some university professors asked the international community to cooperate with the private universities to upgrade the education curriculum of private universities.

“They should create laboratories for us to conduct those things that we cannot do without laboratories, and help us in the academic curriculum,” said Noor Zaman Bawari, a university lecturer.


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