Minister calls Education ‘Vital’ for everyone



Speaking at a gathering in Kabul on Tuesday, the deputy Minister of Education Sheikh Ahmad Shahidkhail said that access to education is essential for the development of society and that everyone, including “men, women, children and the elderly,” should have access to education.

He made the remarks at a gathering held by the Asia International Development Research and Study Center to evaluate the education and poverty in the country.

“Education is a vital need for humanity,” Shahidkhail said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education criticized the embezzlement that took place during the former government.

“This project was brought to the Ministry of Higher Education based on a decree of the former president but it was used for military purposes and this caused all the projects for infrastructure to be halted,” said Lutfullah Khairkhwah, deputy Minister of Higher Education.

The Deputy Minister of Counter-Narcotics, Mullah Abdulhaq Hamkar, said that around 20,000 drug addicts have been treated over the past nine months.

The Ministry of Education stressed the need for girls’ and boys’ access to education while the schools for girls’ students above grade six have yet to be reopened.

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