Vawda tells Imran, Punjab govt will not fall  

Faisal Vawda senator


Former Federal Minister Faisal Vawda says that snakes and insects have brought you to the door of disqualification by making mistakes.

In a Twitter, Faisal Vawda advised Imran Khan without naming him and said that the Punjab government will not fall, you will know and even if the system has fallen, it will continue to function.

He said that the achievement is zero plus zero, the result will be zero, there is still time to sweep or it will be impossible to get out of the closed street. While talking about Imran Khan in an interview, Faisal Vawda had said that a small job was done to a big man like Imran Khan on Tosha Khana.

Faisal Vawda had said that I have not given any statement against Imran Khan, but I must say that a small task was done to a great man like Imran Khan. Loyalty to the king more than the king is when you save the king.