Uzbekistan embassy holds poster competition to mark Babur’s Day Children display rich knowledge of Uzbek culture, tradition


ZUBAIR QURESHI Embassy of Uzbekistan on Friday organized a prize distribution ceremony and gave gifts to students of various schools who participated in a painting contest marking 537th birth anniversary of great Uzbek soldier, scholar, statesman, poet and above all Founder of Moghul Empire in India Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur—known as Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur in Uzbekistan. Additional Secretary Ministry of Interior Dilshad Babar, Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador Erik Beishemhiev along with his spouse, a number of distinguished Uzbek and Pakistani nationals attended the prize distribution ceremony. One could also see a large number of children who participated in the contest along with their parents and siblings. Uzbek Ambassador Furkat Akhmed Sidikov while welcoming the guests said Bobur was a national hero of Uzbekistan and every year on Feb 14, Uzbek people and government celebrate his birth anniversary. Uzbekistan embassy too annually hosts a reception or some poster competition, etc to mark the day, he said. Pakistan and Uzbekistan, said the ambassador enjoyed deep cordial relations and number of Pakistani tourists and traders who visit Uzbekistan is increasing steadily. Last year alone some 6,000 Pakistani tourists visited Uzbekistan and “we hope to see this number grow in coming days,” he said. About the drawing contest, he said all the works submitted showed children’s knowledge and understanding of Uzbekistan and he highly valued it. However, decision for first, second, third and fourth positions was based on likes the contestants won on social media. He said the growing interest of the Pakistani children in particular and the people of the country in general in Uzbekistan and its traditions and culture demonstrated both the countries shared a common heritage and had many things in common. Additional Secretary Ministry of Interior Dilshad Babar while commending the young contestants for taking part in the drawing contest, said Babur was not only a hero of the Uzbekistan or Central Asia he was also a hero of the entire Asia and Europe. Only those nations that remember their heroes survive and pass the test of time, he said. While advising the young artists, he said remember whenever you paint someone besides focusing on his/her physical features also try to draw his/ her overall personality, traits for which he or she is known. He thanked the Ambassador for organizing a day to remember the man who is also kept in high esteem in Pakistan and is regarded a hero. At the end of the ceremony prizes were distributed among the first, second, third and fourth positions. Ekaterina Davarzani (1800 likes) bagged the first position, Aribah Basit (1400 likes) secured the second position, Amalia with 1300 likes was the third and Chaudhry Mohammad Mustafa with 700 likes won the fourth prize.