Ushna Shah joins WWF-Pakistan as ‘Goodwill Ambassador’


Ushna Shah, a well-known Pakistani actress, and environmental activist has entered WWF-Pakistan as a “Goodwill Ambassador.”

The actress has joined WWF, being a fervent supporter of animal rights, the protection of endangered species in Pakistan, and an advocate for environmental protection. WWF works to raise public awareness for action on climate change, forest protection, freshwater conservation, and the rescue of endangered animals such as the snow leopard and the Indus River.

In this regard, a meet and greet was held at WWF-headquarters. The opening remarks were provided by Hammad Naqi Khan, Director General, WWF-Pakistan, who thanked Ushna Shah for partnering with WWF-Pakistan to conserve nature and hoped that this will raise knowledge about important environmental issues.

According to Khan, the organization is thrilled to have Shah on board as a WWF-Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador and hopes that she would use her platform to encourage the public to participate in the planer’s security.

Ushna Shah, who spoke at the gathering, expressed her strong desire to protect Pakistan’s amazing biodiversity, which is facing increasing threats.

She highlighted the significance of recognizing that wildlife is an integral part of the environment and that our sustainability is inextricably related to biodiversity in several respects. We can appreciate nature’s services only when we grasp its delicate harmony.

She went on to say that every person should promise to plant a tree in order to combat climate change’s impending effects. She went on to say that people’s views about the world would shift in order for potential generations to inherit healthier earth.

“I hope that as a goodwill ambassador for WWF-Pakistan, I will encourage and inspire the citizens to be environmentally conscious and work to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and nature,” she added.

Pakistan is home to a variety of majestic animals, including the common leopard, snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear, Indus river dolphin, and other bird and mammal species. However, habitat destruction and human violence pose risks to this species.

Aside from that, Pakistan faces a slew of environmental problems, including earthquakes, landslides, glacial lake outbursts floods (GLOFs), cloud bursts, sea-level rise, and cyclones. However people like  Ushna Shah, for example, will create an example for the public and inspire them to commit to a healthy world.

WWF-Pakistan hopes that Ushna Shah will lead to growing environmental consciousness in Pakistan by stressing the value of taking care of Pakistan’s natural resources, decreasing illicit hunting, planting indigenous plants, reducing plastic use, and promoting other conservation initiatives.

Ushna Shah said, “I also hope that Pakistanis develop empathy with nature and everything that it holds,” Ushna Shah added.


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