US for normalcy in IoK


UNITED States has once again asked India to share a roadmap for the restoration of political and economic normalcy in its occupied part of Kashmir following the restrictions that have been imposed for over two and a half months. Acting Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells, on Thursday, sought the release of political detainees and pressed India for the restoration of everyday services in the valley.
Ever since the mediation offer made by President Donald Trump as well as the 5th of August controversial and unilateral steps by India, a push is being seen from different relevant quarters in Washington on Kashmir dispute. The Congressional hearings as well as the presidential nominees have also openly spoken against the illegal steps of India in occupied Kashmir which have made the daily life of innocent Kashmiris miserable. The fact of the matter is that indefinite lockdown and curfew is risking the life of the people as they are short of both food supplies and medicines. It is really disparaging that India is not giving any ear to international condemnation or demands emanating from important capitals including Washington for restoration of normalcy in the IoK. It is yet to be seen as to how the Modi government responds and reacts to the recent US demand of sharing a roadmap for restoration of normalcy but we expect the US Administration as well as their other elected representatives and the civil society will keep their pressure on New Delhi to lift the lockdown and communications blackout. In total disregard for humanity, extremist government of Modi is punishing the Kashmiri people for seeking their right to self-determination promised to them by several UN Security Council resolutions. The Kashmiri people are looking towards the UN and important capitals to raise voice for their plight and support them for permanent solution of the festering dispute. In our view the situation will never return to normalcy in the valley until and unless India is forced to withdraw its nine hundred thousand troops from the Valley and the Kashmiris are given their right to self-determination through plebiscite under the UN auspices.