US Congress has no objection to Pak F-16 aircraft package


The United States Congress has no objection to the Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft maintenance package which was approved by the US administration last month.

The Indian Defense Minister had raised objections to the repair package received by Pakistan, on which the US Secretary of State rejected the objections saying that Pakistan’s defense program strengthens the country’s ability to counter terrorist threats emanating from the country or the region.

On the other hand, Democratic Party Senior Senator Chris Hollen has said that President Joe Biden’s administration wants strong US relations with Pakistan. Biden’s statement was spontaneous; there is no change in US policy. The US State Department’s explanation seems to be that the presidential statement was not made deliberately. We want a stable and integrated relationship with Pakistan.

He said that the United States was at the forefront of emergency aid to Pakistan and is in constant contact with the Pakistani authorities on how to provide more assistance.

Moreover, the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that they want a strong partnership with Pakistan to deal with terrorism. Both US and Pakistani officials meet regularly. There are very few countries which have been affected by terrorism like Pakistan. Counter-terrorism is part of our common interests. Organizations like Tehreek-e-Taliban are a threat to the region. They expect Pakistan’s action against global and regional terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, acknowledging that Pakistan has suffered the most by terrorism, a US State Department spokesman says that Washington expects sustained action from Islamabad against all terrorist groups.

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel told his daily news briefing on Tuesday, “We seek a strong partnership with Pakistan on counter-terrorism and expect sustained action against all militant and terrorist groups,” he said.

“And we look forward to the cooperative efforts to eliminate all regional and global terrorist threats.”


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