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Toni Morrison died in the Bronx of New York City at the age of 88. The Nobel Literature Laureate, Toni Morrison had authored almost 11 novels apart from children’s books. Way back in 1993, Morrison had become the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Literature Prize. Just interestingly enough, most American English newspapers have been singing the praises of Morrison. For example, The New York Times has called her a towering novelist in its coverage.
Her writing prowess had been widely accepted and applauded at the world stage. The fact that her novels like Beloved had hugely exposed the facets of the African-American slavery and the omnipresent reach and impact created by her English writing and speech skills are all quite interesting and far more inspiring. Speaking of all these interesting stories, I as an English content writer and as an English trainer have just got inspired no end. The interesting fact is that there have been interesting and beautiful English newspapers, magazines and books aplenty around the world.
A voracious reader and a “book lover”, I have been in touch with and buying a lot of English newspapers and books. All I do/want in the morning is to go to the newspaper stalls wherever I am be it in my native places like Korkai, Tiruchendur or in workstations such as Mumbai, Chennai. This having been the effect of my humble study culture and passion for languages like Tamil, English, I sincerely convey my condolence on the demise of Toni Morrison. Finally, the international media houses should pitch for such great authors to literally fill up the world with beautiful books and newspapers that are replete with inspiring stories and words.
Maharashtra, India

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