Universities are marketplace of new ideas: Gilani

Staff Reporter

Ex-Prime Minster and Leader of the opposition in Senate, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani addressed the inaugural ceremony of Ibadat International University, Islamabad, on Sunday.

Gilani expressed his profound gratitude to the management of the University, for starting the new project and said this University would leave an indelible impact on the higher education landscape of this country.

He said the university was thinking about creating technology hubs and parks, establishing global linkages. Universities are marketplace of new ideas that fuel innovation.

Gilani said in fact, it would not be wrong to say that the youth is the future. The former PM said that the Ibadat International University’s vision of creating a technological ecosystem should not only be wholeheartedly supported but embraced as a necessary value and goal.

“When I was the Prime Minister, I took great interest in ensuring that our higher education framework is bolstered and improved, keeping in mind the unavoidable tech revolution.

My government’s policy was oriented towards preparing our future generations for the revolution that we are witnessing today, he said.

He said in 2011, my government launched the “New Science, Technology and Innovation Policy”.”

On the back of increased government funding, the policy envisaged universities to encourage and ignite scientific research, innovation, and the creation of technology parks.

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