Unfiltered, filthy water being provided to 0.3m people

Sawan Khaskheli

Three lakh citizens of Badin city being provided unfiltered and filthy water by the Municipal Authorities through Water Supply system.

According to details, 0.3m citizens of Badin were being provided the unfiltered and filthy water which caused of the fatal water born diseases. Ponds of water supply of city Badin have not made clean since last six months and same unfiltered and filthy water was being supplied to the large population of city.

Due to the poverty, citizens of city Badin could purchase clean water from the private firms and using same provided filthy and unfiltered water consequently many of water born diseases were being spread speedily among the citizen of Badin. According to doctors of the city hospitals that many patients who came to hospitals were complaint of the water born diseases when 157 staffs of filter plants and Ultra Filtrations (UFs) were also on strike due to nonpayment of their salaries according to them of since last eight months. The heavy generator of the Water Supply amounting of lacs was also found out ordered.

Other hand, on the report of such deteriorating and pathetic condition of water of water supply ponds, Agha Shahnawaz Khan, Deputy Commissioner Badin has taken stern notice and issued directives to the administrator.