Ulema urged to spread message of harmony during Muharram


Our Correspondent


A delegation of Ittehad bain-ul-muslameen led by prayer leader, Badshahi mosque, Moulana Abdul Khabeer Azad called on top officials of district management here circuit house on Thursday. Commissioner Iftikhar Ali Sahu, RPO Waseem Syal, Additional Commissioner Sarfraz Ahmad among divisional district and police officers were present on the occasion.
While addressing the meeting, Moulana desired for maintenance exemplary peace during holy days of Moharram. He urged religious scholars to spread the message of peace and brotherhood instead of delivering hate speeches. He expressed solidarity with Kashmiri people and said that the nation was united and ready to thwart any foul play of the India.
Meanwhile, addressing a meeting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Secretary Salim Khan has underlined the need for promoting religious harmony, love and brotherhood to ensure durable peace in society. He said the country progressed rapidly as there had been religious harmony and love in society, but when sectarianism was promoted, pace of developed came down to a crawling speed and the society started to suffer in its wake.
He questioned that when people in Europe with different ideologies, cultural backgrounds and faith could live together peacefully then why the Muslim nation that had faith in oneness of Allah and the Holy Quran could not. He also urged masses and especially religious schools to come forward and play effective role in promoting religious harmony, brotherhood and love to ensure peace in society and accord sanctity to such holy occasions like Muharram.