UBP leaders vow to win 2023 FPCCI elections


Patron-in-chief of United Business Group (UBG) SM Munir and President Zubair Tufail have said that United Business Group has started preparations for the 2023 Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) elections.

“We will not allow the results of any coalition to be stolen, nor will we allow the election to be won by thieves, but we have prepared a bouquet of the best candidates of UBG who will win the FPCCI election with their ability and hard work and will win the FPCCI election.”

In a meeting with Gulzar Feroze, Chief Spokesperson of United Business Group, regarding UBG’s media performance, SM Munir said that we have always participated in the election in a clean manner.

Will take part in the election with us, but now we will not allow anyone to cheat the results of the election, nor will we be intimidated by any threats, but we will keep an eye on those who rigged the election.

SM Munir said that the activities for the 2023 elections of the Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) have started ad the candidates we have nominated for the President and Senior Vice President are already members of the Federation and Pakistan.

Kibans have served the community, they understand the problems and they have full ability to solve the problems from the government in a good way.

UPG President Zubair Tufail said that the country’s economy is currently in a quagmire, which the government will have to consult with the representatives of the business community to remove it.

The government should focus on reducing inflation, especially the increase in the prices of petrol, electricity, gas and food items should be stopped.


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