UBG assures all-out support to PSP in next elections



Industrial and business community under the banner of United Business Group of FPCCI have announced to extend its all-out support for PSP and it’s chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal in the next elections, saying “Karachi was built by Mustafa Kamal, only he can restore its lost glory by filling the political vacuum of Karachi – the economic engine of Pakistan. We’ve tried all, All our support is with Mustafa Kamal now”

UBG leader Khalid Tawab further said that in the last elections, the people of Karachi voted for the PTI but this party also forgot about Karachi. In the last three years, the problems of Karachi have increased.

Paying homage to Syed Mustafa Kamal, Khalid Tawab further said that this son of Karachi who has fulfilled his due responsibility by giving the city it’s due rights.

He asked Mustafa Kamal to step up, saying the whole industrial and business community is with him and will support him. Mustafa Kamal is now the only ray of hope.

Addressing a dinner reception hosted in his honour by UBG head SM Muneer, the PSP Chairman paid thanks to all industrialists for their confidence and trust and said he has a comprehensive well-thought-out plan for the resolution of chronic socio-economic and administrative problems being faced by the country, especially Karachi.

While exposing the poor performances of Sindh government, Kamal recalled that with Rs 300 billion during his tenure as Mayor, Karachi ranked one of the 12 fastest growing cities in the world which is still regarded by all, while the PPP government in Sindh spent Rs10,242 billion from the federation under the NFC award in the last 13 years, yet today Karachi has become one of the four worst not liveable cities in the world. PPP cannot even show 10 big projects in Karachi.

“Today it is a great pity for me that well known industrialists like SM Muneer are closing their factories and moving to other cities.

The closure of a single factory will extinguish the stoves of more than a thousand families. The problem is that our watchman are working hand in glove with thieves.

The illegal tanker mafia in the city is selling the city’s water to them. Time has proved that no one but us can fix the problems of Karachi – the Pakistan’s economic engine. “

Kamal appealed to the industrialists and business community saying that when the industrialists of Pakistan’s economic hub have so much confidence in me, then instead of sponsoring a single hospital, a school or some water pumps for the betterment of the public, they should sponsor PSP, so that PSP will fix the problems within the system, and eventually all the hospitals, schools and water management under the local bodies can benefit over 3 million people of Karachi.

On this occasion, Khalid Tawab, Masood Naqvi, HanifGohar, Mian Zahid Hussain and other prominent representatives of Karachi’s leading industrialist and business community were present at the occasion.

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