Hareem warns Chohan of discussing her



Staff Reporter

A controversial character on social media Hareem Shah has called out two political leaders, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan and Farooq Sattar for being “two faced”. Hareem shared her thoughts in an Instagram video, calling out the politicians.

She said she never told anyone ‘what he (Fayyaz) really was and never intended to jeopardize his political career.

“You remarked about me that my interviews are nothing but a publicity stunt and also thanked God that you are not married to me,” Hareem said angrily.

Hareem Shah advised Fayyazul Hassan Chohan that he should try to become more loyal to one of his wives first instead of schooling her.

She also warned him in the video message that if she ever heard anything against her from Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, she will expose him to the prime minister.

“Prime Minister Imran khan will oust you from PTI immediately. Do not discuss me in future,” Hareem called out angrily.

To Farooq Sattar, she ranted that it was Sattar who wanted to meet her when Hareem visited Karachi.

According to Hareem, it was Sattar, who claimed to be fond of her and had been requesting her for a meet up for six months.

Sattar was the one who came to her hotel’s room to meet her not the other way around, the TikToker reiterated.

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