UAF Toba campus to emerge as future varsity

Staff Reporter

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad sub campus Toba Tek Singh will emerge as the future university meant to fulfill thirst of the higher education of local population at their doorstep, said UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Asif Tanveer.

He was chairing the meeting of sub campus Principal Dr Nisar Ahmed, US settled TTS personalities Tahir Javed, Dr Murtaza, renowned industrialist Kashif Ashfaq, MPA Saeed Ahmad Saeedi, UAF Principal officer Estate Management Dr Javed Akhtar, Secretary to Vice Chancellor Muhammad Jamil and sub-campus officials.

Prof Dr Asif Tanveer said Toba Tek Singh is the poultry hub of the province and it is the second largest place of poultry production in the country after Karachi.

He said that the sub-campus of the UAF was established here with the special focus on poultry and animal sciences to further strengthen the local industry with the train manpower equipped with modern knowledge. He said that the now the strength of the students had surpassed 2600 students.

Tahir Javed hoped that it would emerge as a full fledge university in the future.
He said that the uplift of the countries socially and economically is directly linked to the quality education. He also lauded the steps of the government to address the issues of the people.

Kashif Ashfaq added that they has made a contribution to establish UAF sub-campus in TTS and also hoped that it would become a full fledge university.

Saeed Ahmad Saeedi said the UAF sub-campus has made a valuable contribution to produce the skilled manpower and provide a facility of quality education to the dwellers at their doorsteps.

Dr Nisar Ahmed said the sub-campus is offering various degree programs including poultry sciences, animal sciences, chemistry, zoology, computer sciences, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, BBA, English Bio chemistry, Physics, botany, IT and others.

He said that all out efforts were being made to ensure the quality education.

Dr Ziaur Rehman said that they were providing the state of the art facilities to the students. He said that the TTS sub -campus is situated on 76 acres of land.