UAE lifts ban on transit flights from Pakistan

UAE lifts restriction on transit flights from Pakistan

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) restriction on transit flights from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and other countries will be lifted on August 5, according to the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority (NCEMA).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United Arab Emirates, a key international travel hub, has barred travellers from several South Asian and African nations for many months.

Passengers travelling from countries whose flights have been stopped will be allowed to transit via NCEMA airports starting Thursday if they show negative PCR tests done 72 hours before departure, according to NCEMA on Twitter.

The body said that final destination clearance would be required and that UAE departure airports will set up separate lounges for transiting travellers

Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Uganda were all included in the transit restriction. According to NCEMA, the restriction on travellers from these countries entering the UAE will be removed for individuals with legal residency and who have been confirmed as completely vaccinated by Emirati authorities.

They would, however, need to apply for online entry permits ahead of time and show a negative PCR test done 48 hours before departure.

Those working in the Gulf Arab state’s medical, educational, or government sectors, as well as those studying or finishing medical treatment in the UAE, as well as humanitarian situations, would be excluded from the vaccine requirement.

In the wake of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a new travel warning for foreign incoming travellers on Tuesday.

The new limitations will take effect on August 9th, according to the warning.

According to the CAA, all incoming travellers aged six and up will be required to have a valid negative PCR test result obtained within 72 hours of the start of the journey to Pakistan.

“All arriving passengers of age 6 years and above will be tested through rapid antigen testing upon arrival in Pakistan,” the advisory said.

Positively tested travellers aged six to twelve years will be confined at home under the supervision of relevant authorities, according to the statement.  “Positive testing passengers above 12 years of age will be quarantined at a designated facility as per procedure already in vogue.

“Considering the volatile nature of the Covid-19 situation, any or all arriving passengers may also be subjected to additional stipulations as mandated by the relevant health authorities upon arrival in Pakistan.”

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