Umar Akmal allowed to resume club cricket from next month


Umar Akmal has been allowed to resume club cricket activities as part of his rehabilitation process, which commenced last month, said Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in a statement.

In the processes completed to date, Umar, who faced suspension due to a fixing case, has shown remorse, attended an anti-corruption lecture and participated in a Q&A session conducted by the Security and Anti-Corruption Department, it added.

His rehabilitation programme is expected to conclude next month, following which he will become eligible to participate in the Pakistan domestic cricket season 2021-22.

Back in February this year, the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) reduced Umar Akmal’s ban to 12 months from 18 months, which the 31-year-old cricketer has been serving since his suspension on February 20 last year.

Akmal had been found guilty of violating Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Ant—Corruption Code and a fine of Rs4.25 million had been imposed on him.

The right-handed batsman “will now be eligible to reintegrate into competitive cricket subject to deposits of fine of PKR4,250,000 and undergoing the program of rehabilitation under the PCB Anti-Corruption Code”, said the PCB.

On 27 April 2020, the Chairman Disciplinary Panel had found Umar Akmal guilty on two charges of separate breaches of Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code in two unrelated incidents and handed a three-year suspension with the periods of ineligibility to run concurrently.

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