UAE announces ban on iftar parties, other Ramazan curbs


The United Arab Emirates has announced a ban on Iftar parties, among a host of safety measures for Ramazan, with a view to combat the spread of coronavirus in the gulf country.

The announcement, made on Tuesday, came just as the country crossed the 50% mark of vaccinating its population.

According to UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), the national campaign saw the successful vaccination of 52.46% of the country’s population.

“We are working hard to succeed in providing the vaccine to 100% of our people,” said the NCEMA UAE.

The disaster management authority said that for the health and safety of society, it is advised that people “avoid evening gatherings during Ramazan, limit family visits, and avoid distributing and exchanging meals between homes and families”.

It said that people living in the same household can share meals. The authority urged the cooperation of people and their strict adherence to safety protocols.

“We call on everyone to cooperate and adhere to measures and instructions, as intensive inspection campaigns will be carried out during Ramazan, and legal measures will be taken against all violators, whether individuals or institutions,” it warned.—AP

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