Two Pakistans? Long queues outside Lahore’s Tim Hortons spark new debate as country battles worst crisis


The country of over 220 million is almost at the verge of debt default while inflation skyrocketed to a record high. As masses are struggling to get basic ration, people in heart of Pakistan flocked to the newly inaugurated Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons.

As blackouts, shutdowns, and other woes reflects the mood of a nation racing to ward off an economic meltdown, the Canadian eatery raked tremendous opening day sales; which according to some users was the highest in decades.

It all started with queues outside the Canadian coffee shop located in an upscale society of late when the elite class of the cash-strapped nation enjoyed the beverages with hot cakes, with pricey treats.

As the pictures and videos hit the internet, it created a storm as social media users came up with comparison debates.

Some questioned people’s priorities as the country went through a terrible economic crisis which is going worse with each passing day as the government failed to unlock much-needed funds from IMF. Despite the economic crunch, people cannot refrain to spend their hard-earned penny on Tim Hortons.

As the development becomes the talk of the town and even appeared in Twitter trends, some people defended those who flocked to the famous eatery to satisfy their taste buds.

Netizens reactions: