Two involved in circulating fake currency arrested


Police have arrested two accused involved in circulating fake currency in Karachi’s Steel Town on Tuesday.

As per Senior Superintendent (SP) Malir Malik Sanghar, two people named Ghulam Farid and Imran have been taken into custody over circulating fake currency in Steel Town.

The accused were selling fake currency note of 1000 at Rs250 and fake currency note of 5000 at Rs2000. Fake currency worth Rs0.5 was also recovered from the custody of the arrested. The fake currency notes were smuggled to Karachi from Peshawar.A case has been registered against the accused, further investigation was underway, said SP Malir.

In a separate action last year, police arrested three members of a gang involved in circulating fake currency in an organized manner through various petrol filling stations in Karachi.

The officials of Ferozabad Model Police Station had said, the accused were arrested from various petrol pumps of Karachi, where they were also found to be involved in tampering meters to steal petrol.


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