Two caught for illegally helping foreign to get CNIC



Staff Reporter

A foreigner was taken into custody who reached National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to get a computerized national identity card (CNIC).

According to a private TV channel, a local resident and his mother along with the foreigner reached the Jhang Nadra office to apply for a CNIC for the foreigner. The woman and her son showed the foreigner as their son and brother respectively.

During the identification process, the Nadra staff caught the fraud and rounded up the fraudster group, which was later handed over to the police.

Further investigation into the matter was underway. In a similar case earlier, the FIA arrested two National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) officers for illegally helping a foreign national to get a CNIC.

The FIA Anti-Human Trafficking Wing arrested Assistant Director Hamad Hussain and Senior Executive Rizwan Khan.

With the connivance of Hamad Hussain, a 46-year-old foreigner named Javed managed to get a national identity card from NADRA.

The investigation agency has arrested 17 accused in the fake CNICs scandal so far including high officials of NADRA, foreign citizens and agents, FIA officials had said.


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