Traffic problem


I would like to draw attention of traffic police through the column of your esteemed daily toward the traffic problem in Karachi. Karachi is a mega city. Vehicular traffic plying on the road of Karachi is enormous and is increasing day by day. The drivers of the vehicles including coaches, trucks, auto rickshaws etc drive very recklessly. Drivers of the vehicle don’t at all follow rules of the road due to corrupt system of traffic police. They cross the speed limit and overtake one another even at morning and evening peak hours endangering their own lives as well as the lives of others. This state of affair results into serious bloody accidents.
Karachi, being the biggest city of Pakistan, is still not having any suitable roads, some of the minor accidents occur on a daily basis but none of the politicians seem to be serious about that, the status of traffic police appear of not having any authority towards traffic problems, no one scares to them, all vehicles are on their own will. It’s earnestly requested that some tangible steps should be taken towards the solution of this issue.