Traffic accidents i ncrease in Faryab: Officials



Local officials in Faryab on Friday said that traffic accidents have increased in the province as at least 15 people have died and more than 50 others have been wounded in such incidents over the past two months.

The officials said that women are also victims of the incidents.

“In the past two months, 15 people have been killed and 54 people were wounded,” said Baryali Yarmand, head of the Faryab Traffic Police Office.

“According to the recent order that the traffic department received, the department will evaluate each route under the supervision of the technical board,” said Naqibullah Islami, head of revenue control regulation of the Faryab transportation department.

Officials said that damaged roads, carelessness of drivers, and lack of traffic rules are the reasons for traffic accidents.

A number of Faryab residents expressed their concern over the increase in traffic accidents in the province and called on officials to take measures to prevent such incidents.

“Men who are not 18 years old have a car and they drive, and it causes to increase in traffic accidents,” said Nabil, a Faryab resident.

“They don’t know basic differences in traffic signs and rules,” said Khalil Rahman, a Faryab resident.

It is said that traffic accidents after security incidents cause more injuries and deaths to citizens of the country.—Tolo news