Traditional Korean Hanbok enchants guests at a cultural event

Zubair Qureshi

The Republic of Korea is unique in its culture which makes it distinct from other countries. Though Korea is developing very fast on modern lines, its people are proud of their culture, family values, food and traditional attire.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Suh Sangpyo expressed these views in connection with Korean Cultural Day.

The event was organized by the Defence Attaché and afforded a chance to the guests, especially the non-Korean and the Pakistani guests to take a closer look at the Korean culture.

With a limited number of guests observing compliance to the SOPs amid Covid-19 pandemic, the event was largely attended by the wives of the Defence Attaches and high ranking officials at the residence of Korean Defence Attaché in Islamabad.

The highlight of the event was the depiction of making of Korean lanterns and display of Korean traditional costume Hanbok.

Traditional items of decoration and everyday Korean life were also put on display on the occasion.

Hanbok has a history as colorful as the garments themselves. With unique Korean artistic significance, Hanbok is still donned today on special occasions and holidays.

Video clips were also shown about how to wear Hanbok. The guest ladies practised wearing Hanbok and to them it was a really nice experience.

Also at the end of the event, guests enjoyed Korean cuisine which included Jug (Korean porridge), Kimchi, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ), Dak Ganjeong (Sweet & Sour Chicken), Japchae (Korean Noodles), Kimbab (Korean Rolls), Mandu (Korean Dumplings).

Korea has an incredibly rich, robustly preserved, and easily accessible history. And, after this event, one can say that history or ‘times gone by’ truly can come to life.

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