Torkham border reopened Nasib Shah Shinwari Landikotal



The Pak-Afghan Torkham border was reopened after several hours on Sunday which was sealed after Taliban militants were seen at Afghanistan side sitting at Ningarhar governor house and hoisted a white flag of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan near the border.

Afghan media reports and a senior Afghan journalist said in a tweet that Ningarhar government was in negotiations with the Taliban and have told the Taliban that they would not burn the government buildings and they would not use any kind of force to enter the city and other officials buildings and offices.

Soon after the pictures of the Taliban militants and elders at the office of the governor house Ningarhar circulated on social media, the Torkham border was sealed for all sort of traffic since 7.00 am on Sunday.

After a meeting between border authorities at Torkham, it was decided to permit vegetables laden trucks to enter Pakistan from Afghanistan.

A customs clearance agent also told this scribe on phone that Afghan transit trade trucks from Pakistan have also started entering Afghanistan via Torkham.

Traders and customs clearance agents applauded the decision of border authorities allowing the vegetables and Afghan transit trade trucks to cross border.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has also issued a notification mentioning that the Taliban doesn’t want to take revenge from anybody and that the Taliban would enter capital Kabul without using any force.

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