Top industrialists participate in FPCCI’s condolence reference


Tributes paid to SM Muneer

Mr. Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, President FPCCI, has expressed his satisfaction at the display of unprecedented unity on the somber occasion of a high-profile & very well-attended condolence reference to remember one of the most revered business leaders of Pakistani history, i.e. Late SM Muneer.

While presiding over the condolence reference organized for the Late SM Muneer at the FPCCI Head Office, Mr. Suleman Chawla, Acting President FPCCI, has paid glowing tributes to the legendary business leader to commemorate FPCCI’s former President and patron-in-chief of UBG.

Mian Anjum Nisar, Chairman BMP & former President FPCCI, said on the occasion that the late trade & industry leader never took any political competition personally and always negotiated with the government for the collective good of the entire business, industry and trade community of Pakistan.

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, immediate past President FPCCI, highlighted the fact that Late SM Muneer was one of the most persistent voices in policy advocacy circles in Pakistan and successive governments gave due weightage to his inputs on the back of his popular appeal and practical suggestions.

Engr. M. A. Jabbar, VP FPCCI, apprised that he always led from the front and never shied away from confrontational course with the government on policy matters; and, yet he was loved & admired in policy circles as they knew that he is fighting for the economy of the country – and, not for any personal gains.

Mr. Shabbir Mansha, VP FPCCI, remembered that the Late SM Muneer launched many young, energetic and vibrant faces in the trade politics – and, never left the children of his diseased associates & staff alone in the times of crisis.

Mr. Shaukat Omerson, VP FPCCI, expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of a father figure for the entire business community and how he trained the younger generations for future leadership roles. He also expressed his admiration for the late leader that how he cared for his staff and their kids.

Mr. Iftikhar Malik, a former President of FPCCI, said that Late SM Muneer was one of the most knowledgeable trade leaders he ever come across in his 40 years of trade politics as he was always well-prepared with data and recommendations for the meetings pertaining to policy advocacy.

Mr. Hanif Gohar, a prominent business personality & a long-time associate of Late SM Muneer, expressed his deep gratitude that every single government official, politician, social figure or business personality has showered their love & prayers on the late leader.

Mr. SM Tanveer, son of the late SM Muneer, said that his colleagues & friends were like his family; and, the last three days have pleasantly & overwhelmingly surprised him & Late SM Muneer’s entire family on the amount of love, respect, admiration and attachment his father enjoyed across all sectors of the economy & across all segments of the society.