Tone down rhetoric



AT a time when financial woes of the country are not mitigating despite frantic efforts of the incumbent Government, politicians continue to indulge in rhetoric and self-centred politics.

Instead of sorting out their differences through discussion and dialogue, PTI is persisting with its threats about dissolution of the Punjab and KP assemblies and now PML(N) too is preparing for the eventuality of elections for these two legislatures.

Saner voices have all along been demanding that political leaders should make conscientious efforts to create a congenial atmosphere for initiation and success of the dialogue process but unfortunately they are not toning down rhetoric.

Former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan, once again, targeted his political opponents accusing them of corrupt practices, vowed to dissolve the assemblies at an appropriate time after necessary preparations, saw the possibility of default and demanded of the establishment to remain apolitical.

With the passage of time, it is becoming clear that immediate dissolution of the Punjab and KP assemblies would neither help PTI realize its main objective of snap general election nor would any party get a comfortable majority in the two provinces to rule them with peace of mind.

As for default, it is the responsibility of all stakeholders including the opposition to extend a helping hand to overcome the economic difficulties of the country.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar believes the PMLN-led Government has brought the country out of the mess created by PTI but Imran Khan claims there will be default if the Government stayed, adding the PDM Government did not have a roadmap to pull the country out of the economic mess.

Based on PTI’s four-year performance, there is nothing to spark confidence that the country would be able to manage the situation with the return to power of the party.

In fact, no party alone can pull the country out of troubled waters and a cooperative approach is the need of the hour.