Condemnable Chaman attack



AT least seven people lost their life and 16 others suffered injuries on Sunday in Chaman which came under heavy gunfire and artillery shelling by Afghan border forces.

The ISPR, in a statement, described the incident as uncalled-for aggression and said Pakistani troops gave a befitting but measured response and avoided targeting civilians on the other side.

This is not the first incident of its kind as in the past also the Afghan security forces have resorted to such sort of belligerence which really indicates that there are certain elements within the Afghan security forces which do not want cordial relations between the two countries.

The severity of this incident cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. We believe enough is enough and our authorities concerned must inform their Afghan counterparts in categorical terms that any incident of this nature in future will generate a strong response from Pakistan.

A joint inquiry be conducted into this despicable incident and the Afghan officials behind it must not only be fired from their job but also given exemplary punishment as their act has claimed the lives of innocent civilians.

Chaman border must be closed until the perpetrators are not held accountable. Deployment of troops at the Chaman border be enhanced, ensuring that no Afghan enters our territory without valid documents.

The border cannot be made free for all as per the desire of Afghan officials who must respect some international norms and procedures in this regard.

Ever since the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, there is an exodus of Afghans into Pakistani territory. With each passing day, the presence of Afghans on our territory is increasing.

This must stop immediately. Our economy cannot afford and their presence will also increase our security-related issues.

Pakistan has always demonstrated goodwill towards the Afghans but it is really unfortunate that the other side has never reciprocated in the same manner rather are resorting to belligerence against the ones who also strongly raised voice for their humanitarian crisis.

We really want good brotherly relations with Afghanistan but not at the expense of our security and economy.

Time has come that all the Afghan refugees are given a clear timeline to leave Pakistan for their homeland. It is for the Afghan government to create a pull factor in their country.