TLP protests and its implications

Sheikh Fakhar-e-Alam

ACCORDING to the teachings of Islam, verse 59 of Surah An-Nisa in the Holy Quran orders the believers to obey Allah, to obey the Prophet (PBUH) and those vested with authority (Rulers).

Pakistan gained independence on the basis of “Two nation theory”. The respect and honour of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is very close to our hearts.

Islamic ideology is the core of the creation of Pakistan. It has been a guiding principle in defining the ethos of the nation.

The founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, envisaged a Pakistan in which every citizen would live in peace and harmony.

For the sanctity and respect of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) PM Imran khan has raised his voice on all international platforms.

He has recently written a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, asking him to put a ban on Islamophobic content.

Pakistan and Turkey moved a resolution in 47th session of OIC to observe 15 March as the “International Day to Combat Islamophobia”.

PM Imran khan took strong stand against the French President Emmanuel Macron, echoed his voice, and viewed that French President had chosen to encourage Islamophobia by attacking Islam.

TLP, a religious party raised the issue of blasphemy on streets of Pakistan during recent wave of blasphemous acts in France.

TLP’s major demand was to send back French Ambassador and to ban French products in Pakistan.

On Nov 2020, an agreement was signed between government of Pakistan and TLP deciding that the issue would be brought in Parliament by April 2021 for future course of action.

Government realised that this issue was not so simple and needed support from whole nation. Because of uncertain political situation government asked TLP for extension of time but TLP remained stuck on deadline of 20 April.

Prior to the decided date, the government preempted and arrested the TLP Chief Saad Rizvi.

After his arrest, protests have erupted nationwide, resulting into massive traffic jams across the country.

This has caused much inconvenience to people. Law enforcement agencies during protection of state’s infrastructure had clashes with protestors upon which various police officers got seriously injured.

This situation needs a clear public awareness at national level. Like every Muslim, the leadership of Pakistan has deep love and respect feelings for Holy Prophet (PBUH).

If the sentiments of Muslims would get hurt by dishonoring Holy Quran and by
tarnishing image of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in west, Pakistan will globally lead the protest against it but due to recent unrest in the country the anti-Pakistan lobbies will get a chance to defame Pakistan just before the meeting of FATF, which is planned in
June 2021.

Indian media has already started to use this domestic turmoil to defame Pakistan.

TLP should also understand that the respect of Prophet (PBUH) is common for all Muslims and no specific group of people could be allowed to take the law in
their hands and dictate the state.

TLP must have trust on state, as all decisions would be carried out considering the larger interests of the state.

Pakistan has signed various important agreements with European countries that cannot be compromised.

There are millions of Pakistanis who are working in Europe and sending huge amount of remittances to Pakistan.

The Pakistani diaspora in the west is playing its vital part to enhance our economic growth as well.

Pakistan cannot take any irresponsible and hurried step, as repercussions may be disastrous for national economy.

Pakistan has to live with the international community as a
respectable, peace loving and progressive nation.

The ongoing unrest and vandalism is not going to earn a good name for the country in the community of civilized nations.

Pakistan is the only nuclear Muslim state and such unwanted protests, anarchy and chaos, will give its enemies a chance to raise fingers on its nuclear assets.

Pakistan is having one of the best armed forces of the world and such acts would weaken the
state and benefit our enemies.

Few quarters have tried to malign the armed forces and tried to bring them in front of protestors.

Pakistan’s armed forces and its leadership has immense respect for Islam and its Prophet (PBUH).

At the same time, Pakistani
armed forces support the decisions made by the democratically elected government.

—The Islamabad based writer is MS degree holder in Journalism, an Academic Researcher & Media Analyst.