TikToker refuses to attend parade

Staff Reporter

The woman TikToker who was assaulted at Minar-i-Pakistan on Saturday refused to attend an identification parade citing illness.

According to details, the woman refused to attend the identification parade at the Camp jail and Magistrate Noman Nasir had to return without the process.

The TikToker conveyed that she was not feeling well and could not attend the proceeding as 1o4 people had to be paraded before her during the identification process.

The authorities have now rescheduled the process for September 01. During the previous identification parade, the woman TikToker identified three suspects for their involvement in the entire episode.

During the identification parade, 40 suspects were presented before the woman TikToker and she identified three of them for their alleged role in the assault incident at Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day. It emerged that the three were the first ones who assaulted her during the entire episode.


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