Three bombs defused at Garden police station


Three bombs were defused at the Garden police station in Karachi Tuesday night. They were found after someone called the police helpline and threatened to blow up the station.
However, these bombs weren’t planted by the caller. They were actually seized by the police in 2002. The police never actually defused the bombs though.
According to sources in the police department, someone called the Madadgar 15 Helpline and threatened to blow up the police station. The Garden police station (not to be confused with the Garden Police Headquarters) also has the Nabi Baksh police station attached to it.
Both stations were searched and the bomb sniffing dogs led investigators to a storage unit where they found the three armed IEDs. Security has been increased at both stations, just in case.
The police are also searching for the caller. The Bomb Disposal Squad defused the bombs, which reportedly could have exploded at any time.—INP

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