This is the first US state to recognize February 5 as ‘Kashmir Day’


New York has become the first state in the United States to recognize February 5 as ‘Kashmir Day’ expressing solidarity with Kashmiris struggling for getting the right to self-determination from India.

The New York State Assembly adopted a resolution by a voice vote proclaiming the Feb 5 as Kashmir Day.

“The State of New York endeavours to champion human rights including the freedom of religion, movement, and expression for all Kashmiri people,” said the resolution.

Pakistan’s Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali has appreciated the role of assembly member Nader Sayegh and APAG – the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group – in this regard.

She also congratulated the assembly for passing the resolution.

On February 5, Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed to express wholehearted support of the Pakistani nation to the struggle of Kashmiri people for their inalienable right to self-determination under the UN resolutions.

The day, 5th February, is marked to expose the worst ever oppression being perpetrated by Indian occupation forces against Kashmiris in IIOJ&K.

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