The watch, thrown on the floor . . !


THE watch on the floor looked broken. I had seen it being flung to the ground. It had taken but a moment, for the little child to take the watch from me and in one remorseless fling had thrown it into the air and I had watched it crash to the ground. The mother of the child was apologetic, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she said.

“It’s okay!” I said, and knew that some message was about to come from that watch that had been so brutally flung in the air, and just as I picked it up, the thought came to me.

The child had looked around for something to play with, and thinking that the ticking of the watch would keep it occupied, thinking that the gold colour would fascinate it, I had offered the child the watch, and then had watched shocked as the little one had flung it to the ground, and then in the next moment had picked up an empty tin can with one peppermint in it and was now fascinated with the rattling noise!

“What’s the thought God?” I ask. “The gold watches I give you Bob: Of life, good health, of a happy family, of knowing without an iota of doubt that I stand behind you and what do you do?” “I throw it all away when I want an empty tin with a cheap peppermint in it” I say, as I think of the numerous peppermints I’d asked God for; a bigger car, a fancier house, a bigger bank balance!

I watch as God picks up golden watches I’d thrown down to the ground; a medical report that was pretty good, legs that could still carry me around without a walking stick to help, eyes that needed glasses only to read and many more things that He continues giving me, and most important: The knowledge that my eternity is going to be with Him because of His death on the cross!

With tears in my eyes I pick up the watch from the floor and realize it’s not broken. I carefully put it on my wrist and tell myself it will be a reminder of all the golden offerings my Lord has made for me.

I look at the child playing with the tin which has a peppermint inside and smile, just as the little fellow stretches out his hand and makes me strap the watch to his tiny wrist. “Ah little fellow!” I say, “Do you know what you just did? You, like me just realized the value of what we normally fling away, forgetting to give a word of thanks to the one above..!”

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