The Republic Day reality | By Reema Shaukat


The Republic Day reality

THE Indian hypocrisy will be on its peak when they celebrate Republic Day on 26 Jan to commemorate adoption of the Indian Constitution on this date in 1950.

The date 26 Jan is also important because earlier in 1930 on the same day, the Indian National Congress had proclaimed Purna Swaraj (complete self rule) in lieu of the British Dominion status.

It is by all measures a strange fact that India is celebrating implementation of the Constitution that has been brazenly disrespected by the successive Indian governments over the past 72 years. No Constitution of a country allows shameless brutalities against its own citizens, and so does the Indian Constitution.

However, in a sullied manner the Indian governments especially the current one being led by Prime Minister Modi have been causing severe atrocities to the innocent Kashmiris of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K), so as to deprive them of not only their right of self determination but also their right of existence through a planned genocide.

It was the same Indian Constitution that provided special rights to the people of IIOJ&K for 69 years.

Articles 370 and 35-A of the Constitution had provided Kashmiris under Indian occupation a special status which by itself was sheer acceptance of the fact that Kashmir was a dispute between Pakistan and India.

Both the articles were revoked on 5 August 2019 which has created further furore amongst the Kashmiris on both sides of the border. Kashmiris across the globe observe the Indian Republic Day as the Black Day.

It is rightly in protest against the Indian subjugation of the IIOJ&K as well as apprising the world about the continued brutalities, custodial killings of the innocent Kashmiris and the unabated massive violations of human rights by the Indian forces.

Pakistan has always aspired for good relations with all its neighbours including India. It is but India that has vitiated the environment between both the countries by not only shying away from the opportunities always offered by Pakistan but also leaving no stone unturned in causing damage to its western neighbour.

Even India’s recent conditional proposal about the demilitarisation of Siachen Glacier has not been turned down by Pakistan right away. This is indicative of Pakistan’s resolve to improve relations with India through meaningful, constructive, result-oriented and sustained dialogue mechanism.

The state of denial that India has professed for the last 74 years hurdles any positive move from the Pakistani side.

Considering as its moral obligation, Pakistan has always been cognisant of highlighting Indian atrocities and brutalities against the Kashmiris in front of the international community very effectively.

Russell Tribunal on Kashmir held in Sarajevo last month, as well as the filing of an application by a London-based law firm with the British Police seeking arrest of Indian officials over their alleged role in war crimes in IIOJ&K are testimony to such efforts.

Reportedly, the law firm has submitted its report based on over 2000 testimonies taken between 2020 and 2021 providing extensive evidence how Indian military and civil leadership were responsible for the torture, kidnapping and killing of activists, journalists and civilians.

India’s sinister moves negate every measure adopted by its neighbours for the peaceful coexistence. Today, India has disputes all along its borders with almost all its neighbours.

It should be a matter of concern for the Indian populace to ponder whether their Constitution proliferates anarchy or it is its refusal by the leadership who enthusiastically imitate celebrations on Indian Republic Day.

The noose is tightening around India which can no longer escape international and national censure for its rampant human rights violations not only in IIOJ&K but also against other minorities in the country under Hindutva ideology; professed by the RSS under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.

The conservative ideologues are blatantly violating the Indian Constitution which counsels secularism across the entire swath of the country.

This must be a cause of concern for even a common man of the so-called largest democracy that the Indian national fabric enshrined by its Constitution is so vehemently tarnished by the few fanatics.

The Constitution of a country is so crafted that it conforms to the aspirations of the people. It is thus aligned with the wish and will of the public. It is just not enough to draft a Constitution with all the hopes and dreams imbibed in it.

It is but its implementation in essence which should really deserves celebrations every year. The Indian Republic Day, no matter with pomp and show of magnitude, is therefore actually not conforming to its reality.

—The writer works at Institute of Regional Studies.


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