The Man on a Mission


Amer Ishaq Soharwardi

Bureau Chief Washington

For the first time in last seven de
cades the Kashmir issue is on the
UN table twice in a span of couple of months. An issue made dead by recurring governments and just leaving it to an annual topic coming to UN general assembly delivering a speech talking about Kashmir talking to press and then let’s talk it again in September. With this gesture the issue of human misery brutal torture and deaths, killing of innocent people, use of rape as a weapon of war was never became a global issue of concern.
But not anymore, the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan is to highlight Kashmir issue on every forum. His speech in last United Nations General Assembly session in September clearly depicts his vision when he spoke about what is happening in Kashmir since last seven decades Indian brutalities and he asks a simple question from the august house what is the future of people of Kashmir? As Indian is taking the whole region to the brink of a war, a war which will be between two nuclear powers.
After his positive speech the pressure went back to Indian side but what was different this time was a great follow up by Pakistan globally on this issue an act never been done previously, and to support Pakistan’s global agenda the most vibrant and articulate foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is again in United States and this time foreign minister was on a difficult task and on aggressive diplomatic mission. Shah Mehmood Qureshi started from Iran where his mission was to work for deacceleration of hostile mood of Iran after killing of General Qassim Sulaimani by US drone in Baghdad. He met with the top brass of Irani Government. From Iran he left for Saudi Arabia where he had detail meeting with Saudi foreign minister on regional and global issues.
His US trips starts today as he arrived on a three-day official visit, this time his agenda is bilateral, global and regional as Kashmir is the flash point of the visit. He will be meeting with US secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other high-ranking US officials.
The hopes are very high for a new beginning of PAK -US relations on equality and fair play. Foreign Minister will also discuss the peace process in middle east with reference to his visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is believed that this is a turning point in relations of two countries and will ultimately beneficial for Pakistan. Long time ally of US and a country still fighting from the devastation of war on terror. The recent visit is seemed as a ray of hope for the people of Kashmir and at the same time a promise that Pakistan will work for global peace.