The killer K-Electric


The current torrential monsoon rain has brought devastation to the Karachites. The rains, as usual, besides exposing other provincial/district departments, have also exposed the inefficiency and non-serious attitude of the privately managed K-Electric whereby more than 30 persons have lost their life due to electric current. The incidents like these do indicate that the K-Electric doesn’t possess the capacity to handle and tackle the important affairs of saving human lives during rain emergency situation; and, accordingly, people have virtually started calling it a “Killer Electric”. There is also a big question mark over the operational efficiency and output of the K-Electric during heavy rains in Karachi as, besides electric current, the residents of the city experience frustrating long hours of the breakdown of electricity as a result of the tripping of feeders. Actually, the K-Electric is playing with the human lives and sentiments and, therefore, its such actions should not be condoned and pardoned by the general public and the government of the day. K-Electric must be brought to book for its criminal negligence and all those responsible within the organization must be held accountable so that the incidents like these don’t happen again.
North Karachi

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