The Afghan situation, the geopolitical game plan

Sehrish Khan

EUROPEAN countries are worried and embarrassed about the current situation in Afghanistan

. The current situation is unbelievable for those who hold important positions because they are under intense pressure from their own people.

First of all, the people are of the opinion that those who blindly followed the US should be reprimanded for releasing huge sums of money to the governments of Karzai and later his successor Ashraf Ghani.

The second is to put pressure on coalition governments to safely evacuate from Afghanistan all those who helped NATO forces there. Almost all the allies have left Afghanistan, but those are still trapped.

They were working there in the name of the media and NGOs or those who have been working with the coalition forces as spokespersons. Many of them do not even have passports.

Although the European Union has multiplied its aid to Afghanistan (up to one billion euros), the aid has stalled due to political complications and the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating day by day.

One of the reasons why aid did not arrive on time was that there was a difference of opinion between the United States and its allies.

The two Presidents, Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, continued to run their businesses for two decades without any question or answer from the donors.

They turned their guns on Pakistan and the Taliban and blamed both of them (Pakistan and the Taliban) for the bad situation in Afghanistan.

Now, almost all the people who used to curse Pakistan and the Taliban are now living happily in the United States and Europe.

A senior Special Inspector General for Af-ghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) made a shock-ing confession during 2016 meeting in Washing-ton.

“We know which Afghan leader’s funds are kept where, but political experience prevents us from bringing these things to light,” he said.

The official also said that he knew, how to hide the truth in geopolitics, and that the latest statement from John F. Sopko, who is now the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruc-tion; why the US-backed Afghan government has collapsed? Is it because of corruption, ghost sol-diers, and the Afghan military’s reliance on US air power, US contractors or incompetent Afghan leadership? Sopko made the remarks while ad-dressing the annual conference of the Military Reporters and Editors Association in Arlington, Virginia, on October 29, 2021.

John Sopko also pointed out another major is-sue that is a shame, at least for Europe, if not the United States.

US agencies such as USAID and the Department of Defense have asked SIGAR to remove references from its 53 quarterly reports to former President Ashraf Ghani and many oth-ers, including allegations of corruption and other misconduct.

Interestingly, SIGAR has consis-tently identified large-scale corruption within the Afghan government and blamed the same tactics for Kabul’s downfall.

Third, there is no problem for European coun-tries to recognize the Taliban government in a limited way or to negotiate directly with them, but Washington is the biggest obstacle in this whole situation.

It has also withheld 9 billion from Afghanistan, which has paralyzed the bank-ing system in Afghanistan. This declaration is not being implemented due to which the Afghan state institutions are in crisis.

All of this has created a sense of guilt and shame throughout Europe. At least in the leading nations of the European Union, there is a sense that what is happening in Afghanistan cannot be dismissed by Europe.

Imtiaz Gul columnist Daily Dunya mentioned in his article that European diplomat met him and told him that they had failed and that they had turned a blind eye to the situation in Kabul.

The European Diplomat also wanted Russia and China to join him in helping Afghanistan. This expectation is currently echoing in Brussels.

The European Union (EU) has announced 1 bil-lion aid package during the G20 Virtual Summit to end the social and economic crisis in Afghani-stan.

Announcing this, he said that this was in addition to the humanitarian assistance pro-vided to the European Union Development Fund, which would remain frozen until further notice for Afghanistan.

At the heart of these European countries’ agenda is the issue of unorganized immigration, the escalating violence led by ISIS and the consequent insecurity not only in Afghanistan. European diplomats won-der if this is a geopolitical game plan for China and its allies.

Isn’t this a plan to tighten the noose around China and its allies? What happened in Af-ghanistan, did it happen automatically or was it allowed to happen on purpose?


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