Thatta’s Palm oil mill still incomplete


The Thatta’s incomplete palm oil mill was envisaged to meet the country’s fully requirement by cooking oil and enhance cultivation of palm oil trees at coastal lands which lands are already suitable for this crop.

Percepting country’s need the last PPP government determined to construct mill and earmarked money to construct palm extracting mill.

The ground breaking ceremony of the mill was done by exfederal minister for agriculture and food Nazar Mohmmed Goondal on the cost of Rs59.745 millions rupees near Thatta cement factory in 2009.

Due to which approximately over 10,000 hectares palm oil trees were planted at the coastline lands of the Thatta district, but unfortunately all the expects have been succumbed yet and the work on the mill has not carried out so far.

According to news the Pakistan imports approximately 70 percent cooking from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and others country,but its believed mill will provide adequate oil to meet the fully need of country.

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