Temperature, humidity impact severity of Covid-19: NUMS magazine

Staff Reporter

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has brought out a special supplement of its “Life and Science” research magazine on the impact of the Covid-19 with having review of all the data and advances made so far to deal with it.

“Life and Science” is a quarterly “online multidisciplinary journal of clinical and basic translational science”. It reflects the key purpose of “understanding and improving life” through knowledge and action which is the motto of NUMS. The magazine while discussing environmental effects on the virus said that temperature and humidity have combined impact on Covid-19. “Increase in air temperature and humidity decrease the severity of the virus. Air quality index and air pollutants have significant relation with the severity of the disease and mortality,” said a review article by Mahwish Ali.

The “healthy dietary life style can prevent and manage viral infections by boosting our immune system.” However there is no single dietary element that has been confirmed in treatment or prevention of coronavirus, said a review article by Sara Mumtaz, Rida Fatima Saeed and Asma Saleem Qazi.

Examining the reasons behind increase of domestic violence, the magazine said, “the results have shown that the pandemic is one of the major factors for domestic violence.”
“Other causes are economic crisis, forced lockdown, fear of having disease, unemployment, congested houses and limited source of facilities for victims,” it said after searching the existing literature from December 2019 to August 2020.

Life and Science” carries articles of NUMS faculty and all professionals in the field are encouraged to contribute to it. Meanwhile, NUMS quickly adapted itself to tackle the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus and it took all possible steps to conduct online classes and its exams after taking on board its faculty and students.