Tax collection by Sindh Excise dept crosses Rs53b


Sindh Excise and Taxation Department collected taxes of over Rs.53.44 billion from July to November 2022.

Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation and Anti-Narcotics Mukesh Kumar Chawla, in a statement issued here on Thursday, released details of tax collection during the first five months of current financial year and informed that overall tax collection was recorded at Rs.53442.891.

According to the information, the collection of Motor Vehicle Tax remained Rs.3850.562 million, of Infrastructure Cess Rs.46989.290 million, Professional Tax Rs.172.703 million and collection of Cotton Fee was recorded Rs.3.304.

Declaring overall situation of tax collection as satisfactory, Mukesh Kumar Chawla advised tax defaulters to submit their taxes on time to avoid any action by the department.

He said that tax defaulters could avail the facility of online tax filing as per their convenience.