Task given for preparation of three major projects for next CDA-DWP meeting


Staff Reporter

Capital Development Authority (CDA) management has tasked the concerned formation for preparation of three major projects for the upcoming CDA-DWP meeting to be held in December.
Rawal Dam Chowk PC-1 is also to be placed in the next meeting. Earlier CDA had approved PC-II for the project. However, CDA design and engineering team is in process of completion of the design through its in-house capacity thereby saving several million rupees of the authority.
Development of I-12 sector is to be placed in the development working party meeting. Only recently the revised layout has been approved by CDA. The project was long delayed on various technicalities. However, possession is mostly secure and development shall be initiated immediately after the approval of PC-1 and then contracting out of the development works.
PC-II for the rehabilitation of entire infrastructure of city. Under this mega initiative, impact based rehabilitation of road infrastructure, water supply, sewerage system, drainage system and other services infrastructure would be carried out with special focus on protection, preservation and enhancement of green cover.
In this context, it has been decided that a consultant would be hired who carry out complete study and in the light of study will prepare a comprehensive rehabilitation plan covering each and every sphere. The rehabilitation plan would be focused on missing facilities and need based improvement in different segments including footpaths, roads and other infrastructure.
The rehabilitation plan will also indentify required improvements in water supply infrastructure, drainage system, sewerage system and will particularly focus on the improvement, enhancement, protection and preservation of green character of the city. Engagement of consultant shall give direction to rehabilitation work.
Improvement in all spheres of infrastructure of the city is essential as the city need rehabilitation in all aspects. In past three to five years no major rehab activity has been done. In this context, instructions have been given that PC-II for hiring of consultant will be prepared which would likely to be presented in the upcoming meeting of CDA-DWP.
The consultant will be given a time of three months for survey and estimation of need/ required works. If required, CDA will seek approval of Cabinet to finance and conduct these works from its own sources.

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