Taiwan vows to sanction Russia in collaboration with other ‘democratic countries’

Taiwan vows to put sanctions on Russia in collaboration with other 'democratic countries'

Taipei: Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang has harshly condemned the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and vowed to join “democratic countries” in sanctioning Russia.

The situation is closely monitored in the contentious region, that China claims to be its territory.

While speaking to a reporter in Taipei, the premier reprimanding the action of Russia said, “we very harshly condemn such an act of invasion and will join democratic countries to jointly impose sanctions [on Russia].”

Economy Minister Wang Mei-Hua gave further details about the possible course of action.

The minister said that Taiwan will “harshly scrutinise” exports to Russia and “coordinate” with unspecified allies for further actions.

Expressing the intentions of the island to free Ukraine from the horrors of war, she said that they will collaborate “closely with the United States and other like-minded countries to adopt appropriate measures.”

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