Symposium on Centennial Goals of China; learning from the past, planning for the future

Staff Reporter

China Study Centre, COMSATS University Islamabad, hosted a symposium on Centennial goals of China – Learning from the past, Planning for the Future.

The Ambassador of Peoples Republic of China Nong Rong attended the event virtually and congratulated China Study Centre of CUI for this productive activity.

He shared how China has efficiently attained its first centennial goal of eradicating poverty and is now marching its second centennial goal of prosperous, strong democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious nation by 2049.

Prof. Dr. Muha-mmad Tabassum Afzal, Rector COMSATS University Islamabad, in his welcome address specified how Pakistan has continuously followed the strategy of maintaining respectable relationships with China, and its plans on strengthening these ties further.

He called for looking at China’s strategic interventions for driving similar economic success in Pakistan.

He said that economic gains can be achieved through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor not just by policy reform but also by rethinking the whole social and cultural dimension as well.

Dr. Tahir Mumtaz Awan, Head of the CUI China Study Centre, in his keynote address explained the aim of symposium and highlighted how Pakistan can learn from the “China Model” and align its strategic direction for a better future.

Dr. Awan ensured every possible support of the China Study Centre for collaborative research focused on the two nations.

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