Supreme Court judge Mazahar Naqvi faces reference in SJC over alleged misconduct


ISLAMABAD – Advocate Mian Dawood has approached Supreme Judicial Council against Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi for alleged misconduct and holding assets beyond means.

In this regard, a reference has been filed that asked the authority to start a probe against the top court judge whose fortune is valued at around Rs3 billion. The reference moved under Clause (5) of Article 209 of the Constitution, pointed out several irregularities against the apex court judge, and called for a transparent probe.

It also called for the removal of Justice Naqvi If he was found guilty during the probe. Advocate Dawood accused Justice Naqvi and his family members of allegedly being involved in malpractices and misuse of authority.

Justice Naqvi facilitated his children getting education from abroad and named a character Zahid Rafique. The reference said Justice Naqvi attempted to legalise his ill-gotten wealth through the sale of the property.

Several properties located in upscale societies were pointed out in the reference, which according to Mr. Dawood were used to clean the black money. It said Mr. Naqvi hides his financial transactions in FBR and has not declared a plaza located in Gujranwala.

In a similar development, Pakistan Bar Council mulled filing separate complaints of misconduct in the Supreme Judicial Council against Justice Naqvi, days after he was featured in alleged audio leaks discussing case with Pervaiz Elahi.