Superior University collaboration with world’s acclaimed “Coursera”



Staff Reporter

Superior University is a reputable organization with a perception of taking bold and relevant steps in favor of students as well as its faculty members.

The new collaboration with world’s acclaimed “Coursera” program is an initiative that is taken for the benefit and upgradation of skills set of the teaching members, under the supervision of the University’s Rector Dr. Sumaria Rehman. Coursera offers thousands of courses from the most reputed universities of the world.

One student can choose one free course program with additional three free projects per year.

The main purpose of this online system of improvising the skills and educational profile of the teaching members at the Superior University is adopted for the better scopes of action.

The teachers will be familiar with what’s happening in their subject matter, and at the same time they will educate students in a better way of course.

The reputed universities like Yale University, University of Michigan, IBM, Google, University of London, Illinois, Princeton, Johns Hopkins University and lots more are out here to serve.

The rector of the Superior University has taken this initiative for moving a step forwards than others for introducing the faculty members to explore new learning horizons.

The online learning of new courses and skills in direct collaboration with Coursera will definitely improve the research, and learning skills of the teaching members of various educational institutions.

It will in turn benefit students to be mentored by teachers who know all about the latest developments and researches in their relevant subjects.

The students will obviously have an edge over others with understanding their course work at a new paradigm and with the attainment of greater knowledge from their existing teachers.

Rector’s Faculty Development Program in collaboration with Coursera, not only enables the teaching members to acquire new set of knowledge, and with the ease of having its app installed on even the cell phones.

The accredited certifications from world’s leading educational institutions and from top notch mentors will groom everyone who acquires the Coursera program.

The industry requires the highly advanced skills that project based research can lead into.

With the ease of access to the instructors and institutions through emails and mobile apps will lead to a better learning and later development of a new level of market value.

The great benefits are on the way for the new learning horizons for the upcoming generation will automatically get from the skilled and learned faculty members, teaching at the Superior University.

Coursera is a renowned name and an attachment with it is definitely one of great achievement, owing to the continuous efforts by the University’s Rector…!!


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