Super political system

Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

A political system defines the method for creating official government selections. It is typically compared to the legal, economic, cultural, and other social systems.

However, this can be a simplified view of a way more complicated system of categories involving the queries of WHO ought to have authority and what the govt.

influence on its individuals and economy ought to be.
Some have democracy, some have dictatorships.

In countries with a command economy, the government has a vast range of responsibilities for many types of economic behavior.

In countries favoring social democracy, the government owns or regulates business and industry and bound all concerned people to pay all taxes which helps to enhance the economic system as compared to developed countries.

As far as the matter is concerned with Pakistan, It is an Islamic and federal parliamentary republic. It is a multiparty democracy where several political parties contend for seats in the National and Provincial assemblies.

The politics in Pakistan takes place within the framework beneath which the country is established by the constitution.

It has been 13 years since the dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf came to an end. Since then, 2 major political parties of Pakistan came to power namely; the Pakistan people’s party (PPP), and Muslim League Noon (PMLN). Unfortunately, none of them could deliver according to the expectations.

The leaders of both parties were caught in major money transaction cases and were declared incapable to fight the most recent elections and all the credit goes to the ex-Minister of Finance (Ishaq Daar) who ran away.

The inhabitants of the country are constantly seeing their leaders yelling at each other for corruption, debt, and inflation but none of them is ready to take out Pakistan from these hurdles.

Politics has become mice and cat in the country and everyone can blame anybody for wrongdoings.

May it be; politicians, public, judges, media, and bureaucracy, everyone is an angel for him and considers others as the most corrupted.

If we take a look into the most effective political systems in the world, one name came into mind instantly and that is the political system of China.

To understand that why we are mentioning it, first we need to understand what is necessary to run the state. Two conditions are required for a system to run continuously and effectively.

The first one is; it must originate from the specific environment it operates in rather than being a simple replica from elsewhere.

Secondly, it should be capable of responding to changes in the external environment promptly and carry out necessary and sensible reforms.

This requires a government to possess sufficient self-awareness, to be able to identify where the effectiveness of its system comes from, and then indicate what can be changed and what cannot be changed in reforming the system.

China’s political system has proved itself feasible and efficient because it was developed on the country’s social soil, and not copied from any other state like ours is the replica of the United Kingdom.

All the elected governments have failed badly to deliver in our country. Every time, politicians ask for votes during their election campaigns in the name of promises they make to the public that they will decrease inflation, corruption will be escalated, and lifestyle would become better.

But the moment they won the election and given the authority to do something useful for the public, they forget about their promises. Moreover, it is believed that corruption is more in democratic countries.

Like in our neighboring country India, where 75% of the people believe that corruption has been increased since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister.

Furthermore, the base of politics in our country is money. Even someone cannot become a counselor without utilizing money.

The current PTI government recently formed a high-powered commission, headed by Hussain Asghar (Current Deputy Chairman of NAB), to investigate the soaring loans piled up over the past 10 years.

The commission will find out about the corruption during the last 10 years with the help of national and international experts to conduct a forensic audit of investment and expenditure of the past governments of PPP and PMLN.

After the current government’s tenure end, it is most likely that the next elected government will make a commission to investigate the corruption of the existing government.

Will it be possible that the commission will open an investigation on its ruling government? The answer is simply no.

The politics will remain mice and cat in our country and our people will have to bear all the suffering as now they are getting 1kg sugar for Rs.120 rather than Rs.60.

Another form of Government can be applied in Pakistan named; Presidential Form of Government.

In 1947, the founder of Pakistan (Respected Quaid-e-Azam) said; “Parliamentary form of government has worked satisfactorily only in England and nowhere else.

Pakistan should adopt Presidential form of Government for its better consistency, and reliability.” Maybe the problems we are facing are because of the advice we did not take from M. Ali Jinnah.

Even the superpower (USA) having more than 14 hundred thousand army men possess the presidential form of government to run its system smoothly where voters can directly elect their president rather than through voting in the parliament after winning the elections.

Legislature and presidency are separate powers and they do not interfere in each other’s matters, and changes can be made easily.

On the other hand, in the parliamentary system, one has to take advice and a green signal from every member.

This is one of the reasons that the political system in Great Britain is struggling a lot to survive.

That’s why we believe that there is a desperate need of changing the political system of Pakistan and considers the Chinese or The US political system to be adopted for the betterment of our country. We should not be afraid of a small change that can bring prosperity to our country.

It has been more than half a century that we are seeing our political system consistently collapsing. Now, it is time for us to adopt a new system to rise and shine again.

—The Writer is a Senior Political Analyst & Chairman Pakistan Columnist Council Can be found at [email protected]