Sundas Foundation donates safety kits for cops at CPO


Addl IG Operations Inam Ghani said that police officers and officials are playing roles of front line soldiers in a fight against crononavirus and its prevalence so that citizens may be saved from this pandemic and all force will give more importance to offer their professional duties than their own lives. He further said that mutual coordination and cooperation among different institutions is the need of time to fight against this global pandemic disease and only cohesive efforts will be proved fruitful in this regard.
He added that Sundas foundation is offering its services for compensation of difficulties faced thalassemia affected children and provision of necessary equipments for protection of officials deputed at Central Police Office from the coronavirus is really appreciated and we are thankful to this foundation. These views were expressed by him while meeting with Chairman of Sundas Foundation Yaseen Khan at CPO today on this occasion, DIG Operations Sohail Akhtar Sukhera and Columnist Asif Affan were also present.
Sundas Foundation Chairman Yaseen Khan handed over 350 hand sanitizers, 2000 face masks and 30 protection kits to Addl IG Operations for use of CPO officials. During the discussion, Yaseen Khan said that officers and officials offering their duties during lockdwon are included among national heroes because they are always ready to fight against any threat or danger therefore provision of safety equipments to them should be among top priority.
He added that Punjab Police have always maintained its tradition of diligence and in case of Corona virus Punjab Police is following its rules with national zeal and professionalism which are really plausible.

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