Sujawal receives another spell of rain

Our Correspondent

Various parts of district Sujawal particularly the tail-end areas received much-awaited rainfalls here on Thursday evening.

Jati, Sujawal, Shahbunder, Chuhar Jamali, Ladiyon, Hussainabad, Tarr Khowaja, Jati Chowk, and other areas of the district received moderate to heavy rain that turned the weather pleasant, however, more rain has been forecasted by the provincial MET department.

As per details, dark clouds appeared in the skies in the evening and it started raining at around 6:00 PM that continued with regular intervals till late at night.

The tail end areas of district Sujawal including Jati, Chuhar Jamali, and Shahbunder were in dire need of good showers that would quench the thirst of their agricultural lands that were rapidly turning barren due to the acute shortage of water.

The meager flow of water in the main tributaries was not catering to the needs of the coastal region.

According to residents of these areas, there was an acute shortage of potable as well as irrigation water and more rain would bring more relief to them.

“This rain is beneficial for the areas where paddy is still sprouting but where it is ready for harvesting more rain in those areas can be harmful.”

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