Sufism promotes message of peace



Sufi poetry is the guarantee of promoting peace and security while Sufi music connects hearts, said Khawaja Azfar Aziz while speaking as special guest of the Sufi night organized by Punjab Arts Council organized in the two-day Sufi festival.

On the occasion, Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmed and Naheed Manzoor were also present. Sufi night singers Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Bilal, Sana Nimat and Sonia Azeem recited Sufi kalam in such a beautiful way that the participants swayed uncontrollably.

Khawaja Azfar Aziz said that Auliya Ikram raised the flag of Islam in the sub-continent of Pakistan and India with the help of Sufi speech and sent a message to the world through Sufi speech that Islam is a religion of love, tolerance and prosperity.

Naheed Manzoor said that there is no need to understand the language in Sufi kalam, whether it is in Arabic, Sindhi, Urdu or Persian, but it has an effect on the heart, on the soul, because this kalam is directed towards Allah. Sufism is the pain of Allah, you get spirituality from this word, like feeling cold inside, like the soul is lost.

Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmad said that the Arts Council wants to introduce the young generation of Pakistan to the extinct art of Qawwali and Sufi Kalam. He said that the Arts Council has always presented the work of young artists to the world. A large number of people participated in Sufi Night.